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Matthew 18:20
“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”


When My Heart Was Weak

It was an ordinary day in 2013 before I reached my 40th birthday. I was reflecting with a heavy heart, overwhelmed by all the challenges of being a single parent — unpaid bills, overdue debts, work deadlines, stressed out from the petty quarrels of my sons while doing house chores. Not to mention the thought…

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The Way of the Cross

At a very young age, I lived a life full of sin and temptations. I was already exposed to stealing. I stole items from my neighbours, from the grocery store, and even money from somebody else’s pocket. I was exposed to pornography that later became an addiction– slowly killing me. When I was young, I…

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My World Turned Black

I felt God’s presence every day in my life but most especially during the times when my world turned black. My mom died due to breast cancer when I was eleven and I only grieved for one day. I noticed my siblings cried more when they saw me crying. That day I told myself, being…

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Life’s U-Turn

Let me start by listing 3 of the 7 dreams I wrote on my Novena to God’s Love in December 2012: to get engaged; to get married/have a wedding; to get pregnant; My sharing would come full circle and would eventually come back to how these three were fulfilled by our Dream-Giver. To be really…

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Trust God’s Mercy

“In God we trust”. There it was, huge, well-lit and very striking. It was a phrase written on top of one of the condominiums that I saw after ending a call with my mother. We had just finished a long conversation about life and encouragement. It was so intense that it made me cry in…

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Love For Dancing

I love dancing because it is through dancing that I am able to meet amazing people, form unbreakable bonds, and feel God’s love the strongest. In fact, I recently joined a competition with my college’s varsity dance team and I wasn’t supposed to be in because I quit the team already on my first year…

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The Beat of His Heart

Because of a misunderstanding, I once had an argument with one of my closest friends at work. Personally, relationships with others are far more important than work. However, it seemed like we did not share the same belief. We exchanged hurtful messages which made me feel like I already lost a true friend. At that…

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The Bible has a lot of big words. Faith. Peace. Hope. Joy. There are hundreds more – I guess you need big words to try and tell the greatest story that ever was. And God pulls us right into the story with Him, with the big words becoming part of our own story too. There…

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Check out our WORSHIP NIGHT video below.

ELEVATE: The Feast SM Aura Worship Night

It's not just two but more than a hundred worshippers gathered in His name last September 26 in the worship night of the Feast SM Aura. Truly we elevated with our praises for our One true God. Check out this video to know how that night went. 🙂 Feel free to join us with our weekly inspiring talk every Saturdays at 5PM onwards in the meeting rooms of the SMX Convention in SM Aura, BGC. Credits: Nino Ventura for this video Hillsong United for 'Touch the Sky'

Posted by The Feast SM Aura on Thursday, 8 October 2015

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